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  • Christine Baranski

    Feb 7, 11 • Actresses1 Comment
    Christine Baranski

    About the Author, Lassie Lockhart Lassie Lockhart was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina by her grandparents. She used to join and perform in school plays when she was a kid but eventually ended up as a writer and blogger instead. A frustrated playwright, Lassie loves to watch crime-drama and comedy films and TV [&hellip...

  • Monique Coleman

    Feb 1, 11 • Actresses1 Comment
    Monique Coleman

    About the Author, Beverly Lace Beverly Lace is an online buddy and writes about book and movie reviews. Her uncle, who was a Senior Lighting Director of a production company in Alabama, used to bring the young Beverly in production sets and that ignited the kid’s interest in film and television productions. She has a [&hellip...

  • Martin Scorsese

    Feb 1, 11 • Actors4 Comments
    Martin Scorsese

    About the Author, Veronika Adams Veronika Adams is a movie buff and loves to watch different genres of films since she was 15 years old. She has been fascinated in film history and dreams of becoming a film director and cinematographer someday. Veronika also enjoys reading novels and listening to classical music. Currently, she resides [&hellip...

  • Anne Hathaway

    Feb 1, 11 • Actresses2 Comments
    Anne Hathaway

    About the Author, Diane Flaner Writing blogs and articles has been Diane Flaner’s passion since she was in middle school.  Her fields of interests include literature, history, and arts and culture, and media. Diane’s parents, who are both print journalists, influenced the young lady to venture into the same field. Now, she is determined to [&hellip...