Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway Unauthorized Biography
Anne Hathaway Unauthorized Biography
We first met her as the klutzy princess in “Princess Diaries”, then we were charmed by her singing flairs in “Ella Enchanted”. Who would have thought the young star in family-friendly films is now one of Hollywood's critically acclaimed dramatic actress? Truly, Anne Hathaway has matured over the years and so as her roles in movies. The challenges she had overcome and the dramas in her life – all that and more in this book.

About the Author, Diane Flaner

Writing blogs and articles has been Diane Flaner’s passion since she was in middle school.  Her fields of interests include literature, history, and arts and culture, and media. Diane’s parents, who are both print journalists, influenced the young lady to venture into the same field. Now, she is determined to make her own name in the industry and desires to inspire young writers out there. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her parents, and her dog, Sasha.

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Anne Hathaway Unauthorized Biography

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  1. Liara Pierce says:

    Growing up with films like Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted, Anne Hathaway has been a part of my colorful teenage life. This book made me realize how beautiful Hathaway is inside and out. She had an interesting childhood and firm beliefs that’s why I am more impressed with her today than before. Good thing she didn’t pursue in becoming a nun; otherwise, we wouldn’t have come to know a great actress like her. I like this book because it presented the ups and downs Hathaway had encountered in her showbiz career and personal life. The book simply reflected the imperfect life of someone living in the limelight.

  2. “Anne Hathaway is driven, a leader within her profession, intellectual, fashionable, caring, a friend, spiritual, performer, singer, inspiring actress, but most of all I like to think of Anne as a beautiful woman who’s inner being and classic look sweeps you off your feet, grabs your attention, through her wit, love and warmth…She’s really making a difference in the current world we reside.” James R. Matarazzo Jr.”

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