Christine Baranski

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From Broadway to the Big Screen: The Christine Baranski Story
From Broadway to the Big Screen: The Christine Baranski Story
A woman with undeniable talent, theater actress-turned-screen star Christine Baranski has proved people her incomparable comic and dramatic skills. Starting off as a stage actress, she later found herself in the big screen, knocking off and impressing critics with her comic performances in shows like "Cybill", "Frasier", "The Birdcage" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Let us witness Christine Baranski's story and learn from her journey as she graced her way from the broadway to the silver screen.

About the Author, Lassie Lockhart

Lassie Lockhart was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina by her grandparents. She used to join and perform in school plays when she was a kid but eventually ended up as a writer and blogger instead. A frustrated playwright, Lassie loves to watch crime-drama and comedy films and TV shows. Unknown to most of her friends, the 23 year-old girl also plays the drums and piano during her free time.

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From Broadway to the Big Screen

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  1. Baranski is a woman of elegance, humor and style. She is an intelligent actress, she knows her job and she knows when to hit it. Though I never knew Christine Baranski personally before, it seems like I have known this woman all my life after reading this book. She is one of those very few and lucky people in Hollywood to have a peaceful and silent family life. Gosh, she’s done so many films and TV shows and it’s so impressive to learn in this book how many nominations and awards she had received for her outstanding performances in all those appearances. This book definitely made me realize that with unmatched talent and a strong risk-taker attitude, nothing is impossible in Hollywood. Young artists all over the world should have a talent like hers!

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