Hollywood’s Next Generation: The Hottest Male Stars you haven’t heard of…yet!

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Hollywood's Next Generation: The Hottest Male Stars you haven't heard of...yet!
Hollywood's Next Generation: The Hottest Male Stars you haven't heard of...yet!
Find out who among the sea of new faces in Hollywood will make it big in Tinseltown. Hollywood's Next Generation introduces the newest batch of hottest actors who will surely rock showbiz world for years to come. Get a glimpse of tomorrow's freshest faces and learn everything you need to know about these hunks before they become household names from this bestselling book! Filled with colorful photos, interesting trivia, and quotable quotes; learn about their inspiring start in the craft and future projects to watch out for. And now without further ado...may we introduce to you: Adam Sevani Who does not recognize the lanky curly-haired kid from "Step Up" films who dances up a storm? Get to know him better in this book; you'll read about his interests, how he started in showbiz and how dancing has become his passion. Ryan Carnes Find out more about the man who fearlessly takes on edgy characters in film and television. He is an actor who would go an extra mile to achieve perfection in his craft. Angus T. Jones Playing the underachieving son of Jon Cryer in "Two and a Half Men" has helped develop his deadpan humor and charisma that get televiewers in stitches, regardless the age. Learn how this simply cute Texas-born kid's journey into becoming Hollywood's highest-paid child star. Austin Robert Butler The Alien in the Attic's action star to be who is currently dating Disney's princess with the intials V.H. He is one of the few actors who is cut like a greek Adonis. Gifted with unruly locks of blond hair and a physique of an athlete, he sure is the next hunk you never want to miss. Kiowa Gordon Vamps are out, wolves are in! Fall in love over and over again with one of the wolf pack in Twilight who morphed and is best known as Embry Call in the worldwide phenomenon "The Twilight Saga" film series. Kiowa is keen to prove that he can do more in showbiz than just being part of the wolf pack. Madhur Mittal He played the wicked brother in Danny Boyle's critically acclaimed "Slumdog Millionaire". Even before international recognition, he is one of Bollywood's finest and talented performers. Before being an actor, Mittal dance and sang before audiences at a young age. He came into his own as he grew older and regularly set both the screen and dance floor on fire with his appearances. Martin Spanjers One of the child actors to morph into a grown man in T.V. He has been nominated and has won the Young Artixt Award for his role in the defunct TV show "8 Simple Rules". Sharing the set with comedy's John Ritter and his on-screen sisters taught him how making people laugh is the best. For 2011, the 24 year-old actor starred in mature roles and captured the hearts of women in his transformed look. Victor Rasuk Unlike the rest of the young actors who got their breaks in wholesome kidie channels, Victor started out starring in an 30-minute Indie movie. His next project was a full-length movie that proved he can cross the line from indie to mainstream cinema. This native New Yorker now enjoys a huge following for his films and dares to gain more fame and fortune with his overflowing stream of talents. What makes Hollywood's Next Generation worth reading? Get to know everything about the hottest young actors even before they become household names! They are just the most in-demand baby-faced young people today who are seen as the A-listers for years to come. Despite an invasion of new faces every year, the entertainment industry has a batch of hotties that fans want to see more of. Enjoy this bestselling book today!

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