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The Infallible Comedienne
The Infallible Comedienne
Kristen Wiig is the brilliant and talented lady responsible for some of Saturday Night Live's unforgettable sketches. Known for her characters such as Gilly, Target Lady, Penelope, Aunt Linda and Sue, Kristen Wiig had definitely traveled a long and colorful road in showbiz. With unmatched talent in the field of comedy, the Saturday Night Live star crossed the line from television to the big screen and has since starred in comedy films including “Knocked Up”, “Adventureland”, “MacGruber”, “Paul” and “Bridesmaids”. A certified comedienne both in television and film, read through Kristen Wiig's life and uncover the many things that keeps her inspired.

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The Infallible Comedienne

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  1. This is awesome! As a Kristen Wiig fan from Saturday Night Live to the Bridesmaids, I must say that this book is what I was looking for! I have read several Kristen Wiig’s biography online but nothing compares to the completeness of this book. I am amazed by the wonderful and unique photos and I like that this book goes into detail in Kristen’s characters on SNL. I haven’t really seen some of her earlier films where she played minor roles, but since I know most of them now, I’m gonna go download them for sure just to watch her there! She’s a really nice, funny and intelligent lady and I know she’ll go far in her career since she’s so talented and smart!

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