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The Musical Life of Monique Coleman
The Musical Life of Monique Coleman
Monique Coleman's journey in Hollywood is an extraordinary one. Blessed with excellent acting, dancing and singing skills, Coleman awed us in her performances in the trilogy of "High School Musical" and in the reality show "Dancing with the Stars". Currently, she prides to be the United Nations Youth Champion and aims to promote youth empowerment. An ideal icon every youth must look up to, let us sing and dance with Coleman as she shares her musical life in this book.

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The Musical Life of Monique Coleman

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  1. Oh, Coleman has such a colorful life! I know that she’s got unbelievable skills in dancing and singing, but being appointed as the first ever UN Youth Champion is something not everyone is privileged to experience. I admire her now more than ever! I can slightly relate to her because I am also an African-American and loves to perform. She inspired me to do more charity works too and be more active in my social life! This book is so inspiring, really, it made me realize that you can be the best that you want as long as you are determined to do it. I just wish she’ll have a love life (soon!), but I think, whether she has/ has not one, she is still inspired and driven to do good! More power to you Monique!

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