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Seth Rogen Unauthorized Biography
Seth Rogen Unauthorized Biography
Seth Rogen was just another face in Hollywood when he was starting until the perfect time came and revealed the flood of talent in him. He first appeared in the TV series “Freaks and Geeks”, then wrote a couple of scripts for TV and film, played major roles in comedy films and produced motion pictures too. Now, how could a high school dropout have done such achievements amidst the pool of talent there is in Hollywood? The Seth Rogen Unauthorized Biography lets you get a peek of one of Hollywood's comic genius' life; from his humble beginnings as a standup comedian in Canada to his struggles as a neophyte in showbiz and now to the breathtaking fame he enjoys at present. Let us open the chapters in his life and learn how the multi-talented Rogen reached his way to the top.

About the author, Maybell Rubins

Maybell Rubins has been writing since she was a wee child raised in the heartland of America. ‘Growing up slow’ as she calls it, allowed her to really learn to take in the scenery and appreciate everything on many different levels. She recalls her love of the risk-taker as a archetype she was always drawn to. Currently she lives in Jackson, Mississippi, USA.

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Seth Rogen Unauthorized Biography

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  1. I have been a fan of Rogen since I watched Knocked Up and Funny People with my cousins, and man, he was utterly hilarious. After I read his life story in this book, I must say, I got inspired by how a high school drop out like him had been so successful after all. I didn’t know that he also co-wrote and produced some of his films until I read his life. Blimey, he was such a self-made man! Not to mention the fact that he was a genius as he co-wrote and voiced a character in his favorite show “The Simpsons”, making him the only second celebrity to have done that. I think the message of Rogen’s biography is to tell the whole world that it is not the educational attainment that will bring you riches; rather, it’s the inherent talent and unwavering passion to one’s craft that will bring you to the top. Rogen’s got a life that’s worth reading!

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