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Teresa Palmer: An Aussie's Voyage to Stardom
Teresa Palmer: An Aussie's Voyage to Stardom
Teresa Palmer has traveled a long way just to reach for a dream. In Australia, the young lady's quest for stardom started when she landed a leading role in the independent film “2:37”, which was then followed by Australian films like “Restraint” and “December Boys”. From Land Down Under, Palmer flew all the way to Hollywood and soon found herself in big-budgeted films like “Bedtime Stories”, “The Sorcerer's Apprentice”, “I Am Number Four” and “Take Me Home Tonight”. Teresa Palmer: An Aussie's Voyage to Stardom lets you get to know this passionate Aussie more and takes you to her world full of interesting twists and turns! Learn from her life's lessons and be inspired how this young lady boldly faced her own series of ups and downs.

About the Author, Agatha Ravens

A Journalism graduate, Agatha Ravens finds joy in researching and writing books and academic papers. Being the only child, Agatha spent her childhood and teenage years in Jacksonville, Florida with her cousins playing board games and cooking pasta. When not busy, she volunteers to babysit her nephews while watching animated movies with them. A nature lover, she loves to walk around Jacksonville Riverwalk to marvel at the beauty of the river and the skyline of the city.

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Teresa Palmer

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  1. Setty Craig says:

    I first saw Teresa Palmer in “Bedtime Stories” and she was so gorgeous there. I was not really a fan of hers in the beginning because I didn’t know much about her. But after I saw her in “I Am Number Four”, that’s when I started to admire her! She seems so intense and fearless and daring! I have been trying to research and read about her through the internet but the information are not complete. Good thing I saw this book online and I didn’t event think twice about buying it. I realized that we have few things in common like we don’t enjoy parties and we love dogs! Though she has only done few films, I admire her courage to try filmmaking and explore other things. For me, she’s not like any other celebrities out there; I think she’s different and unique and this book made me love Teresa Palmer even more!

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